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Your Capable & Affordable Source
For Custom Acrylic Products

Having delivered quality acrylic products for over a decade, Amei proudly offers customized solutions for your diverse needs.
We serve many industries including the household, cosmetics, fashion, optics and more.
No matter how complex the design of your acrylic product is, we can manage to bring it to life.
Explore the wide range of custom possibilities we offer.

  • Material

  • Size & Shape

  • Color

  • Fabrication

  • Logo Customization

  • Branded Packaging

  • Material

    Acrylic materials from different brands have various physical and chemical properties.

    At AMEI, acrylic materials we offer all come from top brands like Mitsubishi, SUMITOMO, ASAHI
    KASEI, Makrolon and LG.

    Based on the requirements, application, and budget of your custom acrylic products, we can
    recommend the most suitable material for you.

  • Size & Shape

    17 molding machines with a capacity from 160 - 600 tons allow us to deliver acrylic products in different
    custom sizes. The maximum length reaches 80 cm.

    A decade of acrylic molding practice has helped us accumulated plenty of experience in molding any
    shape, especially the complicated irregular shape to meet your unique requirements.

  • Color

    Normally, acrylic products appear in the original crystal white color.

    If you want to add other colors to make your custom design stand out, we can also manufacture as
    per your requirements.

    At Amei, our custom acrylic products are available in almost all Pantone colors. With years of
    production experience, our workers can work out the precise color for you.

  • Custom Acrylic Fabrication

    Except for acrylic molding, we also offer a series of acrylic fabrication services to meet the
    custom processing requirements of your products.

    Our fabrication capabilities include:

    Polishing Bonding Bending
    CNC Engraving Printing Surface Finishing

  • Logo Customization

    To make your brand and brand message stand out on your custom acrylic products, we provide
    you with various ways to customize your logo and text including:

    Printing including UV printing

    Gold/ Silver Stamping



  • Branded Packaging

    Branded packaging is a great way to make your brand stand out and impress your customers.

    We offer exquisite brand packaging design and customization service tailored for your acrylic
    products especially acrylic gifts.

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