Development History

    In 2004

    Shenzhen AMEI Art&Craft Co., Ltd. Established.

    In 2005

    Made 100,000pcs Photo Frames for a New Album of Superstar Li Yuchun(One of the Most Popular Star in China)

    In 2006

    Start Cooperation with Philips Lights in Shenzhen.

    In 2007

    Made 200,000pcs Baileys Table Tent for a HK Trading Company.

    In 2008

    Got the Export License.
    Made 1200pcs Display Stand for Armani

    In 2009

    Shenzhen AMEI Display Products Co., Ltd. Registered.
    Made 9,500pcs Display Rack for Pickwick. (NL)

    In 2010

    Factory Move to Dongguan Fenggang Enlarge to Two Whole Buildings of 3 Layers.(Over 6000 Square Meters)
    Pass the Code of Conduct Audit the Third Party Agency – SERCURA.
    Made 50,000pcs Acrylic Packing Boxes for Alliance Boots (HK ).
    Finished 100,000pcs Menu Displays for Coca-Cola.
    Made 800pcs Acrylic Mirror Displays for Latisse (Singapore)

    In 2011

    Made 6,000pcs Acrylic Calendar for IBSA.
    Made 4,000pcs Big Watch Display and 30,000pcs Watch Stand Block for Champion.(Brazil)
    Made 1200pcs Acrylic Stands for Evian
    Found Our Own Moulding Room Starting Injection Plastic Items

    In 2012

    Pass the Audit from Duni, and Made 3500pcs Acrylic Display for Duni. (Sweden)
    Made 1000pcs Logo Displays for Kartel
    Made 500pcs Display Stands for TIBI TONIC

    In 2013

    Made 9252pcs Photo Frame for XXXLutz. (Austria)
    Made 500pcs Car Model Show Case. (UK)
    Made 450pcs Nail Polish Display Stand .(UK)
    Made 1500pcs Cosmetic Display for NOVAVIE.
    Made 1000pcs Perfume Stand for Mercedes-Benz(France)

    In 2014

    Made 1250pcs Metal Cosmetic Display Stand withLED for Lancome. (France).
    Made 36500pcs Acrylic Sign Holder (Russia)
    Made 16370pcs Capsule Display Stand for NESPRESSO.
    Made 900pcs Logo Block for Chevolet.

    In 2015

    Made 800pcs Cosmetic Base for ECURI.(NL)
    Made 240pcs LED Cosmetic Display Stand for Dior.(France)
    Office Move to Longhua, Shenzhen City for Better Communication with Oversea Customer.
    Made 1000pcs Display Stand for ICBC(CN)

    In 2016

    Made 250pcs Mercedes-Benz Display Block(France)
    Made 4153pcs Acrylic Box for FLIK. (USA)
    Made 7750pcs Acrylic Display Stand for Flowery(USA)
    Made 1000pcs Acrylic Logo Block for MEXX.(NL)
    Made 2150pcs Acrylic Box. (USA)

    In 2017

    Made 500pcs Acrylic Block for JISCO.
    Made 150pcs Acrylic Shoe Box for SUPREME(USA)
    Made 712pcs Acrylic Leaflet Holder for Adidas(Thailand)
    Made 1000pcs Car Model Show Case for Mercedes-Benz.
    Made 6950pcs Football Show Case.(USA)
    Made 77900pcs Cosmetic Organizers for Famous Oversea B2C Corporation.

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