Milestone of AMEI

In 2004,
  • Shenzhen AMEI Art&Craft Co., Ltd. Established.
In 2005,
  • Made 100,000pcs Photo Frames for a New Album of Superstar Li Yuchun(One of the Most Popular Star in China)
In 2006,
  • Start Cooperation with Philips Lights in Shenzhen.
In 2007,
  • Made 200,000pcs Baileys Table Tent for a HK Trading Company.
In 2008,
  • Got the Export License.
  • Made 1200pcs Display Stand for Armani
In 2009,
  • Shenzhen AMEI Display Products Co., Ltd. Registered.
  • Made 9,500pcs Display Rack for Pickwick. (NL)
In 2010,
  • Factory Move to Dongguan Fenggang Enlarge to Two Whole Buildings of 3 Layers.(Over 6000 Square Meters)
  • Pass the Code of Conduct Audit the Third Party Agency – SERCURA.
  • Made 50,000pcs Acrylic Packing Boxes for Alliance Boots (HK ).
  • Finished 100,000pcs Menu Displays for Coca-Cola.
  • Made 800pcs Acrylic Mirror Displays for Latisse (Singapore)
In 2011,
  • Made 6,000pcs Acrylic Calendar for IBSA.
  • Made 4,000pcs Big Watch Display and 30,000pcs Watch Stand Block for Champion.(Brazil)
  • Made 1200pcs Acrylic Stands for Evian
  • Found Our Own Moulding Room Starting Injection Plastic Items
In 2012,
  • Pass the Audit from Duni, and Made 3500pcs Acrylic Display for Duni. (Sweden)
  • Made 1000pcs Logo Displays for Kartel
  • Made 500pcs Display Stands for TIBI TONIC
In 2013,
  • Made 9252pcs Photo Frame for XXXLutz. (Austria)
  • Made 500pcs Car Model Show Case. (UK)
  • Made 450pcs Nail Polish Display Stand .(UK)
  • Made 1500pcs Cosmetic Display for NOVAVIE.
  • Made 1000pcs Perfume Stand for Mercedes-Benz(France)
In 2014
  • Made 1250pcs Metal Cosmetic Display Stand withLED for Lancome. (France)
  • Made 36500pcs Acrylic Sign Holder (Russia)
  • Made 16370pcs Capsule Display Stand for NESPRESSO.
  • Made 900pcs Logo Block for Chevolet.
In 2015
  • Made 800pcs Cosmetic Base for ECURI.(NL)
  • Made 240pcs LED Cosmetic Display Stand for Dior.(France)
  • Office Move to Longhua, Shenzhen City for Better Communication with Oversea Customer.
  • Made 1000pcs Display Stand for ICBC(CN)
In 2016
  • Made 250pcs Mercedes-Benz Display Block(France)
  • Made 4153pcs Acrylic Box for FLIK. (USA)
  • Made 7750pcs Acrylic Display Stand for Flowery(USA)
  • Made 1000pcs Acrylic Logo Block for MEXX.(NL)
  • Made 2150pcs Acrylic Box. (USA)
In 2017
  • Made 500pcs Acrylic Block for JISCO
  • Made 150pcs Acrylic Shoe Box for SUPREME(USA)
  • Made 712pcs Acrylic Leaflet Holder for Adidas(Thailand)
  • Made 1000pcs Car Model Show Case for Mercedes-Benz.
  • Made 6950pcs Football Show Case.(USA)
  • Made 77900pcs Cosmetic Organizers for Famous Oversea B2C Corporation.

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