How to Print on Acrylic?

1.Laser Marking (effect as etching)

An efficient process to create Permanent marking for logo and image, widely used in Acrylic LED Sign, Acrylic Trophy etc.. Files created with CAD software can be easily loaded as Image/logo marks. This makes it possible to quickly mark Image/company logos as desired since it allows for flexible editing such as selecting the style of hatching and laser marking path.
laser Marking Logo Acrylic Display

2.Silk Screen

Most common and traditional way to print on acrylic, very labor intensive; from the creation of designs, to transfer to the screen, mixing of colors, and printing of an edition. A skilled printer can well match the required Pantone Color. But we recommend using this method they are solid colors, as it’s slow process(need print color one by one)and there will be small Screen printing dot for full color printing
Acrylic Display

3.UV printing

A kind of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. High gloss and protective UV coatings allow for vibrant color and long-standing quality.and the unique drying process results in fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment. Highly recommend this option when your image is full colored one. Just sent us the original file.
UV Printing Acrylic Display

4.Thermal Transfer Printing.

High speed process for 4c printing as there is a thermal transfer film, and it can handle on curve surfaces. Printing Plate Mould cost required.
Acrylic Display Stand

5.Vinyl Printing Sticker

When requires super clear image(High Pixel Image), we can chose this method, vinyl printing, then stick to the back side of clear acrylic, or on front side of solid color acrylic.
full color printing on acrylic

6.Gold Stamping

Printing with metal shining color foil, various color for choosing.
Gold Stamping Logo Acrylic Display Stand

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