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One-Stop OEM Service
Supporting All Phases

From design to delivery, we'll offer a 360° service to make your cooperation with AMEI as smooth as possible.

  • Free Consultation

  • Project Management

  • Design Guidance

  • Mold Development

  • Logo Customization

  • After-Sales Service

  • Free & Specialized

    Everyone at AMEI has a specialized knowledge in acrylic design and manufacturing.

    That's why we can offer our client specialized consultation.

    In the preliminary stage of our communication, we'll learn about your custom & quantity
    needs, product application, budget, and timeline. After understanding your needs, our team
    will recommend the best production solution to fit all your requirements.

  • One-On-One
    Project Management

    To make your cooperation with AMEI more efficient, we'll assign a project manager to take charge of
    your order and guides you through the whole process.

    The project manager will supervise the progress, the quality and every detail of your order, making sure
    that you receive your bulk acrylic products on budget, on time and as per your custom specifications.

  • Professional
    Design Guidance

    When you come with us with a concept or idea, we create a product that works.

    At AMEI, we welcome your own designs. With years of designing and manufacturing practices,
    we know what works and what doesn't. Therefore, we can give you modification advice if
    required to bring out the best of your design.

    If you have only a sketch or a rough idea, don't be afraid to come to us. We can work together to
    come up with the custom design.

  • Precise
    Mold Development

    At AMEI injection molding is our specialty. Founded as a mold testing factory, we know what
    molds work, and work doesn't.

    No matter how complex your design is, we can help you develop molds with high precision,
    and test it to ensure the best performance before mass production.

  • Rapid Sampling

    We understand your needs to put your custom acrylic products into production or the market
    quicker. That's why at AMEI, we place a tremendous emphasis on our rapid sampling capability.

    With a whole set of manufacturing equipment & expertise in producing custom acrylic products,
    we can offer you a sample of stock style in as fast as 3 to 5 days.

    For fully customized products, just let us know your timeline if you're in a hurry.

  • Responsive
    After-Sales Service

    We highly value the time of our clients.

    That's why at Unitech, our service team aims to provide quick after-sale support services
    catering to each customer’s unique requirement.

    For any quality issues caused by the manufacturer's side (which is rare), you can contact us for a
    refund or exchange.

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