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Amei specializing in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of acrylic (plexiglass) products which covers kinds of P.O.P. displays,
cosmetic organizers, plastic office supplies, crystal light boxes, photo frames and other advertising items

Professional Team

Our team is an expert in not only acrylic products manufacturing but also in sales & project management.We know almost everything about acrylic,
so we can take care of your order at every stage of our cooperation.Regularly informing you of your order progress,
we make sure your acrylic products always arrive on time.

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  • injection supervisor

    Mr. Feng

    injection supervisor

    Mr. Feng

    With a bachelor's degree in industrial design and self-study of engineering mechanics and materials, he has 12 years of experience in the design of industrial products and display supplies, the designed products are simple and practical, maximize the characteristics of the material itself, and strive for the simplicity of the process. Give full play to the practicability of the product in the case of saving material cost. Get the appreciation of strategic customers.

  • packaging supervisor

    Ms. Wang

    packaging supervisor

    Ms. Wang

    Engaged in the acrylic products industry for 20 years, have a unique understanding of the characteristics of acrylic materials, the reasonable arrangement of manufacturing process and process, can reduce the defect rate, improve production efficiency, and make the products more beautiful at the same time. So that we can make more exquisite acrylic products, with a simple process to achieve peer-to-peer results.

  • Production Manager

    Mr. Wang

    Production Manager

    Mr. Wang

    15 years of manufacturing management experience in acrylic industry, properly arrange our own factory production and material preparation, but also accurately control the upstream and downstream supply chain, ensure the accurate connection of the supply chain, and ensure the timely delivery of large orders and emergency orders. Greatly improve the company's ability to serve customers.

  • Mechanical Supervisor


    Mechanical Supervisor


    16 years of industrial product quality management experience, more than 8 years of acrylic product quality management experience, plan and implement the quality control process of our factory, ensure the product qualified rate of each process, and establish a good reputation for the company among customers.

Custom Solutions

  • Materials

    We offer different branded materials based on
    your budget & product application.

  • Size & Shape

    Whether it's simple or intricate shapes, we can
    mold to your exact specifications.

  • Color

    Don't get stuck with the crystal white. We can
    customize in all Pantone colors!

  • Fabrication

    Polishing, printing, or engraving, we can
    fabricate according to your needs.

  • Logo Customization

    We offer multiple ways to show your logo &
    message like printing & engraving.

  • Branded Package

    The exquisite branded package is available to
    make your custom products stand out.

Our History

Shenzhen Amei Display Products co., LTD. was founded in 2005. In the past 12 years, we have a dream of developing into a
worldwide top brand with the comprehensive function of manufacturing, design, R&D and trading.

  • 2004

    Shenzhen AMEI Art&Craft Co., Ltd. Established.

    Made 100,000pcs Photo Frames for a New Album of Superstar Li Yuchun(One of the Most Popular Star in China)

  • 2006

    Start Cooperation with Philips Lights in

    Made 200,000pcs Baileys Table Tent for a HK
    Trading Company.

  • 2008

    Got the Export License.
    Made 1200pcs Display Stand for Armani.

    Shenzhen AMEI Display Products Co., Ltd. Registered.
    Made 9,500pcs Display Rack for Pickwick. (NL)

  • 2010

    Factory Move to Dongguan Fenggang Enlarge to Two Whole Buildings of 3 Layers.(Over 6000 Square Meters)
    Pass the Code of Conduct Audit the Third Party Agency – SERCURA.

    Made 6,000pcs Acrylic Calendar for IBSA.
    Made 1200pcs Acrylic Stands for Evian

  • 2012

    Made 1000pcs Logo Displays for Kartel
    Made 500pcs Display Stands for TIBI TONIC

    Made 9252pcs Photo Frame for XXXLutz. (Austria)
    Made 500pcs Car Model Show Case. (UK)

  • 2014

    Made 1250pcs Metal Cosmetic Display Stand withLED for Lancome. (France)
    Made 36500pcs Acrylic Sign Holder (Russia)

    Made 800pcs Cosmetic Base for ECURI.(NL)
    Made 240pcs LED Cosmetic Display Stand for Dior.(France)

  • 2016

    Made 250pcs Mercedes-Benz Display Block(France)
    Made 4153pcs Acrylic Box for FLIK. (USA)

    Made 500pcs Acrylic Block for JISCO
    Made 150pcs Acrylic Shoe Box for SUPREME(USA)


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